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FLVR Bar – 8 awesome popular flavours with a unique Steam twist!

4% (40mg) nic salts.

Blue Razz Soda – A Straight up tangy blue razz candy with a touch of fizz and ice.

Peach Ice Tea – A traditional peach ice tea on the rocks.

Watermelon Gummy – Best of both worlds. Fruit + Candy. A juicy frozen watermelon gummy.

Blueberry Energy – An energy soda with a blast of blueberries and ice.

Mango and Pineapple – If you know you know. Mango, Pineapple and Ice. A Steam Masters classic enhanced for FLVR.

Litchee and Strawberry – If you know you know. Litchee, Strawberry and Ice. A Steam Masters classic enhanced for FLVR.

Strawberry Cotton Candy – A sweet, cool fruity blend of cotton candy and strawberry.

Grape Bubblegum – A fanta-stic grape bubblegum frozen candy.

Please note disposable devices are regarded as consumables. Each product will differ in lifespan depending on user.

Consumable products (e.g. Disposable Vapes, Coils, Mouthpieces, E-liquids): Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a warranty on consumable items due to the nature of these products.

After you pull out the silicone plug, please make sure to wait at least 5 minutes to allow the juice soak into the coil to avoid coil burning.

Slide the airflow control open.

RRP R240

All pricing is inclusive of 15% Vat.