Salts 6Zero Nic Shot 30ml

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The Salts 6Zero Nic Shot 30ml:  Ideal for users who prefer a higher nicotine hit. Please read instructions carefully on the bottle when handling these.

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20mg Nicotine Salts

35mg Nicotine Salts

50mg Nicotine Salts

The 6Zero Series of longfills has been conceived to offer customers an elevated vaping experience, tailored to their preferred nicotine strength and compatible with contemporary vaping devices. The vaping landscape has undergone a radical shift in the past four years. Initially, there was a surge in the popularity of subohm liquids, driving sales of coils, devices, and accessories. However, the majority of vapers now gravitate towards disposable, single-use systems.

While we embrace the emergence of new trends and technologies that have attracted a broader audience to vaping, it’s time for a candid conversation. As an industry, we must evolve and ensure we stay current with products that are distinctive, budget-friendly, locally sourced, and, most importantly, sustainable in the long run. Competition is beneficial, but historically, we, as an industry, have not had to contend with grocery stores, cafes, or vending machines in the vaping market. We, as an industry, introduced vaping and helped thousands quit smoking.

The 6Zero Series is designed to reintroduce traditional vaping, encouraging vapers to explore or return to conventional devices. This, in turn, boosts sales in retail: liquid leads to coils, pods, new devices, accessories, and an expanded range of choices. One of the primary challenges with the latest technological trends is the heightened sweetness and flavour profiles of the liquids. With the 6Zero Series, we aim to deliver precisely that. Furthermore, we have considered the diverse spectrum of vapers, including MTL and Salts users, and have tailored the ratios and strength range to accommodate all preferences.

Affordability and ease of use remain paramount concerns, as we consistently hear from retailers. In comparison to traditional liquids and devices, 6Zero, with its new simple do-it-yourself blending format and competitive pricing, is unrivaled in this arena.

The 6Zero is a two-part compatible system, featuring a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle for flavor to be used with a 30ml nicotine shot (sold separately) available in salts and MTL. All components are cross-compatible. This grants customers a range of options: they can select their desired flavor and nicotine strength and simply add the nicotine into the 60ml bottle, then shake. The 6Zero stands apart in that we have endeavored to adapt our recipes to suit the preferences of modern vapers seeking a more enhanced liquid experience, which we believe works seamlessly with today’s pod systems. Essentially, the 6Series is our collection of our finest flavors, enhanced for the modern vaper – familiar yet distinct.

It’s important to note that we will continue offering our traditional 120ml longfills and pre-blended salts in 20ml, as these are not being phased out.

All pricing is inclusive of 15% Vat.