Tabac – Arabica Coffee Tobacco

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Introducing our Tabac Gourmet Tobacco e-liquid range – crafted for connoisseurs who savour the finer things. This collection is a tribute to sophistication, blending premium tobacco flavours with a touch of luxury. Each bottle is a gateway to an exquisite vaping experience, offering a refined palette of flavours that cater to the discerning vaper.

Tabac – Arabica Coffee Tobacco

Kickstart your mood with our Arabica Coffee Tobacco vape liquid! It’s where the deep, aromatic essence of Arabica coffee meets the rugged, smoky charm of tobacco. Perfect for morning starts or night-time unwinds, this blend is a bold pick-me-up. It’s like your favourite coffee shop hangout, minus the coffee cup. Ideal for those who love their flavours as rich and robust as their adventures.

Available in 20mg and 50mg Nic salts.

20ml of e-liquid in a 30ml Chubby

RRP R255 incl vat.

All pricing is inclusive of 15% Vat.

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